Posted on maj 25, 2023 in Tidigare

Pétur Geir Magnússon (b. 1994 Reykjavík, Iceland) studied graphic design & visual communication at the Icelandic University of the Arts (BFA 2020), with an exchange semester at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Pétur has held two solo exhibitions in Iceland, the first titled „Lágmyndir – endurkoma“ in 2021, his second „Annarskonar Annaspann“ in 2022, and been a part of group exhibitions including Amsterdam (2018), Milan (2022), and Brussel (2022.) Pétur Geir is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. 
My work explores the intersection between painting and sculpture, art and design, craftsmanship and modern technology. I gravitated toward reliefs and have been developing my ideas through that medium, emphasizing making relief art with modern technology. My work explores the relationship between light and shadow and how it interacts with shapes and color to create movement and give the artwork a new dimension. I have been exploring how the potential of different mediums such as wood, concrete, and plastic and how these mediums can be shaped and manipulated with new technology such as laser cutters, computerized CNC machines, and 3d printing. Pétur is a multidisciplinary artist, spreading into mediums such as reliefs, printmaking, painting, and drawing.Information kommer inom kort

Vernissage: Fredag 7 juli 16–22
Övriga öppettider: Lördag – onsdag 12–18, Tor 12-15